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PART 1: Creating Good Documents

Introduction to the series

What this course is about

High stakes

The discovery process

The business communication landscape

Counterproductive behaviors

The Good Documents Toolkit

  • Intro: The legacy of our schools
  • The Reader Outcome
  • The Reader Outcome exercise
  • The Satellite Outline
  • Choosing your medium
  • Narrowing your distribution

Tactics for the real world

  • Deleting obsolete drafts
  • Managing Track Changes
  • Managing handwritten notes
  • Dealing with the writing of others

Final Exercise


PART 2: Email Excellence®

Introduction: Sample email

Readers under pressure

Email annoyances

The Email Excellence Toolkit

  • A fact of life


    Implications for email

  • Orienting
  • Introduction to Orienting

    The “Subject:” line

    Stating your purpose

  • Spelling Out the details
  • An example

    Editing in stages

    Chunking your information


    Chunking exercises

  • Nailing down


Next steps

Useful links

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