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Who we are

Salient, Inc. is the company behind Email Excellence® and The Good Documents Series. We’re writing consultants, providing to large organizations services ranging from training and eLearning design to consulting on corporate writing standards, tools, and style.

Our expertise lies in understanding:

  • writing as a business process—and what it takes to re-engineer a key writing function and manage the change process;
  • document-related risk—especially in industries that are heavily regulated, prone to litigation, or subject to PR mishaps;
  • instructional design—how to create training with real impact;
  • how to dislodge stubborn habits—the heart of any challenge related to business writing or email.

We're happy to help tackle your organization's business writing challenges.

About Us


Our Canadian partner

Salient Canada

Salient writing programs have been delivered to Canadian clients for nearly 20 years. What's more, Salient Canada has designed and customized training to target the unique problems of Canadians organizations.

With offices in the nation's capital of Ottawa, Salient Canada's clients include think tanks, research organizations, high-tech companies, and departments of the Canadian government.

Marilyn Campbell is president of Salient Canada. When she first joined Salient, Marilyn was an experienced writer and editor, both in business and in government. Today, as a writing consultant and instructor, she has served some of the finest organizations in Canada.

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Our team

Among Salient contributors:

Roy Speed

Roy Speed — the founder of Salient, the writer of Good Documents and Email Excellence, and also the programs' narrator. A writing consultant since 1991, Roy has designed writing tools, writing standards, style guides,¬†and training programs for dozens of corporations. He is a sometime lecturer to undergraduate business students at Baruch College and MBA students at Wharton. His Good Documents program has been translated into seven languages and is now required training for more than 150,000 employees around the world.

Atrendia CEO Michael Hoffman

Michael Hoffman — the CEO of Atrendia and our partner for email productivity. Michael is an expert in the application of Lean tools and principles to business communication and has long experience with change management. He is also the creator of Atrendia's LeanMail, the productivity solution we recommend for corporate users of Outlook and as a companion to our own Email Excellence training.


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