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Writing has never been more important.

We spend more than a third of each day simply composing/responding to email—and that's not all: we write plans, proposals, reports, policies, instructions. We write web pages, FAQs, social media profiles. We blog. We tweet. Some of us even yammer.

Each week seems to bring a new writing medium, with new challenges for—

  • Professionalism. No matter what the medium, employee writing represents the entire company—and has never been more on display.
  • Ability to keep pace. Writing skills, tools, and processes have become a moving target—and have never been in greater demand.
  • Ability to manage our records. We're all awash in a sea of documents, and we spend increasing amounts of time on simple tasks like record retrieval.
  • Legal exposure. Document-related risk has exploded—often because we commit to writing half-baked thoughts. Documents now play a starring role in public relations mishaps, litigation, and regulatory investigations.
The challenges of business writing today


Solutions to critical writing functions

Help for critical writing functions

We're writing consultants, and for your company, we can help improve:

  • Writing skills. Whether your employees are writing reports, web pages, or just email, we have tools and programs we
    can adapt to your precise needs.
  • Writing products. If your company's services include published reports, articles, manuals, or the like, we can help. We have long experience with developing professional-grade writing tools and templates to enhance your writers' ability to deliver highly readable, high-impact products faster and with less struggle.
  • Writing processes. We understand writing as a business process, and we know how to re-invent writing functions, train to new methods and standards, and manage the change process.
  • Writing training—development, design, & customization. Our off-the-shelf programs are of unsurpassed quality, and when necessary, we can create entirely new programs or customize an existing program to your exact requirements.

Extensive experience

We have long experience with the following challenges:

  • writing to customers—both letters and email;
  • writing for leaders—the writing challenges specific to managers, directors, and VPs;
  • user-friendly documentation—effective policies, procedures, instructions, and help screens;
  • writing fundamentals—grammar, usage, punctuation, and style;
  • writing reports for publication—tools and training for the entire process, from conception through drafting, editing, and publication.

Industry experience

Among the industries we have served:

  • pharmaceuticals
  • health plans
  • publishing
  • banking & financial services
  • information technology


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